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Celebrate Black History Month and Female Athletes with the Kensington Hotel!

How are you planning on recognizing Black History Month?

Did you know that February is also a time to celebrate female athletes?

This month, the Kensington Hotel is embracing both black history and Washtenaw female athletes!

A Message About Black History Month

This month we wanted to take time to proudly celebrate Black History Month with the heartfelt recognition that it deserves. As we honor the rich tapestry of Black history, we acknowledge the importance of fostering an inclusive environment that values the unique contributions of every individual. Our commitment to diversity extends beyond this designated month, as we strive to create a workplace and guest experience that is welcoming, respectful, and representative of all backgrounds. 

At The Kensington Hotel, diversity is not just a buzzword; it is a fundamental aspect of our identity. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives to drive innovation, creativity, and service excellence in everything we offer. We truly believe that by embracing a variety of voices and experiences, we strengthen our team and enhance the overall guest experience.

We express our gratitude to the Black leaders, trailblazers, and change makers who have played pivotal roles in shaping history. Their contributions inspire us to continue advocating for equality and justice, both within our organization and in the broader community. As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we continually strive to create opportunities for growth and advancement for all members of our team. Through mentorship programs, training initiatives, and open dialogue, we aim to empower our valued team members to reach their full potential. 

This Black History Month, we encourage everyone to take a moment to learn, reflect, and celebrate the diversity that makes our world vibrant and dynamic. Let us stand together in fostering an inclusive environment where every voice is heard, every story is valued, and every person is treated with dignity and respect.

With a toast of champagne, The Kensington Hotel invites you to Eat. Stay. Play.

-Lindsay Randolph, Director of Sales and Marketing

The Kensington Hosts the First Washtenaw County Celebration of Girls and Women in Sport 

The Kensington Hotel is excited to host the first Washtenaw County Celebration of Girls and Women in Sport, brought to you by the Ann Arbor Sports Commission! This event takes place on February 10, 2024 9AM - 1PM.

The Washtenaw County Celebration of Girls and Women in Sport event will host panel discussions including:

Health and Development of the Female Athlete

Learn from expert nutritionists about optimal fueling strategies for female athletes, both physically and mentally. Featuring Meagan Doughterty, Sandy Sellers, Michelle Buggs and Melanie Sulaver (Boehmer).

Sports for a Lifetime

Listen to firsthand stories, challenges, and triumphs, offering inspiration and practical advice from athletes after their formal athletic years. Featuring Eva Solomon, Grace Latz (2016 Rowing Olympian), and Jenna Trubiano (head coach, Women’s Ice Hockey at University of Michigan).

Breaking Barriers - Challenges Faced in Sport

Hear empowering stories from accomplished female athletes who have broken barriers in the world of sport. Gain valuable insights on resilience, teamwork, and pursuing dreams. Featuring Debbie Hoake, Emily Eitzman, and Maria Velat.

Parental Guidance

The Experience of Sports Participation: Insight into being a guiding force, providing the support and encouragement your athlete needs to thrive both academically and athletically. Featuring Amy Karbo, Brooke Alexander, Courtney Reid Alexander, and Blaise Fayolle.

This movement celebrates the strength, skill, and determination of girls and women in sports. Profits help support Girls Group Ann Arbor. Let’s empower the next generation of athletes together!

Celebrate Washtenaw County Diversity at a Hotel Near Ann Arbor

The Kensington Hotel is proud to celebrate diversity! Come stay at our hotel near Ann Arbor when you enjoy presentations and events about Black History Month and female athletes in Washtenaw County. Call (866) 446-1329 or submit a contact form to book your stay!


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